Science Reading & Math Academy

science_club_1_early_scholars_ny_sliderThe Early Scholars Science Based Reading Academy design is a science and social science subject-centered curriculum for PreK-6th grade that caters to students of all learning styles.

Early Scholars Science Readers improve their reading comprehension, fluency, phonetics and vocabulary, as they learn about Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geography, Geology, Government, History, Natural Science, Nutrition, Physics, and Technology over the course of 12 months.

The Early Scholars Circuit Immersion Education approach maximizes students learning. Training sessions alternate every 15 minutes between teacher instruction, independent work, educational games and hand-on manipulatives, i.e. magnetic body parts, rocks, maps. This technique allows children to activate all of their senses while gathering information through read/write, visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods. Early Scholars meets the needs of all learning styles.

Through the use of the Early Scholars reading workbooks, students have additional opportunity to practice language and literacy skills from home. Using the Early Scholars signature program that incorporates our workbooks, game boards and multimodal rotating style, students remain engaged and motivated to learn.

By focusing on and building reading skills, the Early Scholars Learning Center opens up a broad range of subjects for learning immersion. The ability to read—and enjoy that process without struggling—is a skill that will sustain children throughout their lives. The effective reading programs at the Early Scholars Learning Center simply open up windows on children’s world.

With the ability to read and comprehend content on varied subjects, students are able to explore many topics of interest. As they improve their reading skills at the Early Scholars Learning Center, students are able to discover new areas of interest. All of these tools provide a world of possibility to engaged and energized students who are freed from any previous learning limitations and frustrations.

At the Early Scholars Learning Center, students discover that the ability to tap into any subject of interest is within their power. By enabling students to digest a wealth of fascinating material, these highly effective reading programs ensure a lifetime of personal satisfaction. With the help of certified and trained teachers at the Early Scholars Learning Center, they discover that language and literacy skills open the doors to a present and future filled with contentment.

Math Academy

The Early Scholars Math Academy broadens children’s minds and arouses students’ interest by teaching them the relevance of numbers. The curriculum focuses on the Early Scholars Math workbooks, mental math, games and manipulative learning tools to increase students’ comprehension, accuracy and fluency in calculation, applied problems and quantitative concepts.

Did you know that math is the most widely used subject in the world? Think about the last few activities you engaged in today. Whether you were reading, writing, talking, cooking, shopping or watching TV, your math skills were at play. There is no escape—math is used and needed everywhere!

As we go through life, we plan, organize our day, problem solve and reason, all of which involves math. People who master those skills are far less stressed. A good math mind is an analytical thinker who can create cogent arguments and organize complicated situations or problems into clear, simple and systematic steps.

As children improve in math, their minds develop into logical entities that can resolve difficult situations. Therefore, children who are skilled in math have a competitive edge. The ability to calculate formulas correctly impacts daily tasks and general independence with each passing year.

For children who have already started dreaming about their future lives, math skills will drive their ability to open, monitor and steadily expand a savings account from an early age. When they are older, these abilities will facilitate the ability to fill out forms properly when applying for school or business loans. As they enter adulthood, math skills will continue to affect the ability to live and shop for food and clothes independently, handle workplace responsibilities or oversee business management.

On every level, a solid knowledge of math will determine the overall course of children’s lives. The Early Scholars Learning Center accelerates your child’s development and jump-starts success by developing early math literacy skills.

In addition, math will help your child with the following:

At Early Scholars Learning Center, math proficiency is within children’s immediate reach. Start equipping your children now with the essential skills needed to control their own destinies. The effective math program at Early Scholars Learning Center will help them develop all of the necessary skills for their lives today—and tomorrow.