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The curriculum at Early Scholars Learning Center will accelerate your child’s general knowledge, oral/ written communication, concentration, problem solving and performance by focusing on the following:



Service – Children remain abreast of current events and work on in-house projects that promote service learning.

Consistency – Our fun learning sessions allow children to work through areas of difficulty to gain mastery.

Hard work – As children are introduced to figures in history and concepts, they learn about the dilignce that preceded those successful outcomes.

Organization – Children are trained to classify objects and content in a way that helps them to be more effective learners.

Logic – Through reasoning activities, children’s minds develop into logical entities that are equipped to find solutions.

Attention – Children learn to label their world and be keenly aware of what crosses their path.

Rhetoric – Children learn how to verbalize their thoughts in a way that helps them assimilate the content and persuade others.


These guiding principles inform every aspect of the Early Scholars Learning Center including private tutoring and test preparation in Fresh Meadows. Through the best tutoring service and enrichment programs, this afterschool program is considered an immediate solution for children facing learning challenges. Call the Early Scholars Learning Center to enroll your child in this outstanding educational program today!