Parents Recognize Benefits of Effective Early Scholars’ Programs

Parents continue to spread the word about the exciting science-reading and math-tutoring programs at Early Scholars. Many recently and continually refer to the way these advanced learning techniques help children reach their full academic potential. Pointing to the custom workbook and curriculum at Early Scholars, they frequently see immediate improvements in their children’s interest in learning. In addition, teachers reinforce these reactions by commenting on students’ rapidly advancing learning skills. Along with these positive results, students’ confidence levels are increased significantly, positioning them for success in school, work and life.

One positive example involves the advancement of Randy P., who arrived at Early Scholars Learning Center withdrawn and discouraged about her ability to learn. This child literally tried to hide behind her hair, which she kept sweeping over her eyes. Previous teachers had constantly criticized her reading skills and continually pressured her to improve.

Instead, Randy froze under the threat of remaining behind her classmates a grade. The more she tried to read or complete math exercises, her mind simply went blank. As a reflection of her distress, she tried to remain invisible in a class filled with high performers who left her feeling as if she would never succeed.

Desperate for a solution, Randy’s mother registered her child at the Early Scholars Learning Center. With the patient understanding and guidance of certified and trained teachers, Randy began to enjoy fun learning exercises. Every time that she made even a small step forward, teachers enthusiastically celebrated her progress.

Today, Randy has blossomed into a thriving child who is hungry for knowledge. By increasing her confidence in the ability to learn, the Early Scholars Learning Center has transformed this child on every level. For the first time in her education, Randy has discovered her personal skills and learning abilities with compassionate one-on-one attention and guidance. Along with reading, Randy is currently flourishing as one of the most creative writers at the Early Scholars Learning Center.

To give your child the chance to emerge from a restrictive shell and imposed misperceptions, call the Early Scholars Learning Center for the best early childhood education and enrichment in Bayside today!