NYS Common Core Standards Initiative

The Common Core State Standard initiative is a response to increasing calls for school systems to conform to a standards-based educational model. It’s overseen by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association to bring about standardized educational goals, results and educational methods in all 50 states. The initiative is a response to the disparity in different states’ school achievement levels and the appalling levels in some. It’s intended to implement standardized tests and graduation requirements and to increase the level of accountability for schools and educators. The goal is to have a common base of knowledge that all citizens should acquire especially in the areas of mathematics and literacy and to ensure American students can succeed in the global marketplace. Curriculum standards were released in June of 2010 and so far 45 states have adopted the Common Core Standards.

New York is among the states to adopt the initiative beginning in 2010. According to New York State Commissioner of Education John B. King Jr. the initiative so far is showing good results. “As I visit classrooms around the State, I am continually impressed by the work teachers and administrators are doing to implement the Common Core….I am continually encouraged by seeing the Common Core in action” he stated in a recent message. However some New York teachers are speaking out against the new testing standards, saying the level of achievement is too difficult for students and that they’re not yet prepared for the coming assessments.

 Parents of New York school children can do much to help prepare them to meet the initiative’s goals with math enrichment programs, reading tutoring and test preparation services. Early Scholars Learning Center is prepared to help them make the grade. Contact them for more information.


  -Dr. Erin Jacques, Early Scholars Learning Center