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Mission Statement

A robust curriculum is not enough for a complete education. If you really want students’ to absorb the content and continue to seek out new information, you have to engage the whole person. We strive to motivate students to develop a thirst for knowledge. Simultaneously, we provide a multimodal curriculum with fun yet educationally rigorous nonfiction content in the sciences, reading and math.

Early Scholars uses a strength-based teaching approach. We start with and accentuate students’ strengths. The Early Scholars’ strength-based tutoring approach not only boosts students’ self-esteem but also encourages them to be active participants in the sessions; they are motivated to learn. In small groups, Early Scholars’ teachers create an environment that is optimal for learning. Our students range in their knowledge, skills and abilities as they come to tutoring for different reasons—whether remediation or enrichment. The small-group sessions allow for individualized student attention, which helps to identify and encourage student’s strengths.

Our Team

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