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My daughter was struggling in Math, science, and social studies. After months of private tutoring, she was only in the 40% mark range. We knew we had to do something before the semester was over.

In a meeting with the school principal, she mention a wonderful person she had just met. Dr Jacques, had presented a summer tutoring program for students within our school. I asked for her information. I called Early Scholars Learning Center of NY. Dr. Jacques, answer the phone. I told her about the many issues my daughter was having. The following week my fifth grade daughter was evaluated.

The results were shocking! Dr. Jacques, assured me that everything was going to be fine. She created a customized tutoring program for my daughter. Between classes and online sessions, and the dedication of Dr. Jacques and her excellent team of teachers, my daughter was promoted to the next level.

My child’s grades improved dramatically and consistently. She’s no longer sad and depressed, her self esteem went up to the roof, she is a more confident, and secure child. She is no longer afraid to raise her hand and participate in class. She is currently in 6th grade. She’s not getting 100’s, but 90’s are not bad at all.

I want to take this opportunity to praise Early Scholars Learning Center of NY. headed by Dr. Jacques, and her wonderful team of teachers for their hard work and dedication.
Thank you, for making a difference in the life of my child. You showed her that everything is possible if you apply yourself to it.

Thank you!

Best decision I made. I chose Early Scholars LearnIver Sanchez